Cookies Policy

Cookie policy

Lucky Jojo is committed to protecting your privacy. Our goal is to provide our industry with reliable products and services so you can focus on creating effective contacts. Our approach to privacy is to provide you with clear information about our data practices. For this reason, we have tried to keep the legal and technical phrasing to a minimum.

This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are, what types of cookies are stored on your device when you visit our site and how we use them.

This Cookie Policy does not look at how we generally deal with your personal information. To learn more about how we process your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy  here .

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to or accessed by your browser or your device’s memory. A cookie typically contains the domain name (internet site) from which the cookie originates, the lifetime of the cookie (ie when it expires) and a randomly generated unique number or similar identifier. A cookie may also contain information about your device, such as user settings, browsing history, and activities performed when using our services

Are there different types of cookies?

Display and third party cookies

There are third and third-party cookies. Presented cookies are stored on your device directly by us. For example, we use these cookies to customize our site in your browser’s language preferences and to better understand how we use our site.Third-party cookies are stored on your device by our partners and service providers. For example, we use third-party cookies to measure user numbers on our site or to enable you to share content with others on social media platforms.

Session cookies and permanent cookies

There are session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies only last until you close your browser. We use session cookies for a variety of reasons, including to learn more about using our site during a single session of the browser and to help you use our site more efficiently. Permanent cookies last longer and are not automatically deleted when you close your browser. These types of cookies are mainly used to help you reconnect to our site for analytical purposes.

What about other tracking technologies, such as web beacons?

Other technologies, such as web beacons (also called pixels or transparent gifs), tracking URLs, or SDKs, are used for similar purposes. Web beacons are very small graphics files that contain a unique identifier that allows us to recognize when someone has visited our service or has opened an e-mail we have sent. Tracking URLs are customized links to help us understand where the traffic comes from on our sites. SDKs are small pieces of code that are included in apps that work like cookies and web beacons.

For the sake of simplicity, we also refer to these technologies as “cookies” in this Cookie Policy.

What are we using cookies?

When you visit our site, some or all of the following types of cookies may be enabled on your device.

Like most Internet Service Providers, we use cookies to provide, secure and improve our services, such as remembering your preferences, recognizing you when you visit our site and configure and customize ads according to your interests. To achieve these goals, we can also link information from cookies to other personal information we hold for you.



Essential website cookies These cookies are indispensable to provide you with the services available through our site and to use some of its functions, such as access to secure modules
Analytics cookies These cookies help us understand how our site is used, how effective marketing campaigns are, etc. They help us customize and improve our sites for you.
Advertising cookies These cookies are used to make advertising more relevant to you. They perform functions such as preventing the same ads from appearing at all times, ensuring that ads are displayed correctly for advertisers, selecting ads based on your interests, and measuring the number of ads served and their performance, such as how many users click on a specific ad.
Social networking cookies These cookies allow you to share pages and content you are interested in through third-party social networking sites and other sites. These cookies can also be used for promotional purposes.
How can cookies be controlled?

There are several cookie management options available. Please note that the changes you make to your cookie preferences can make our site browsing less satisfactory. In some cases, you may find that you can not use our entire site or part of it.

Browser and device controls

Some web browsers provide settings that allow you to control or reject cookies or notify you when a cookie is placed on your computer. The process for managing cookies is a bit different for each browser. You can check the specific steps in the browser’s help menu.

You may also be able to reset the device identifiers by enabling the appropriate setting on your mobile device. The process for managing the identifying devices is a bit different for each device. You can check the specific steps in the help or settings menu of your particular device.

Interest-based advertising tools

You can opt out of interest-based online advertising through the Digital Advertising Alliance, Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance or  AppChoices  (apps only).

Social Cookies

To share content on social media, some of the features on this site are using social networking plug-ins (e.g., Twitter on Twitter ™ or LinkedIn ™ buttons) . Depending on your social media account settings, we automatically get information from the social media platform when you use the corresponding button on our site.

For more information on social media cookies, we suggest you review the cookies and privacy policy of the social networking platform.

Google ™ Cookies

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a Google service that uses cookies and other data collection technologies, to collect information about your use of your site and services so that we have a clear picture of the trends of users who visit and use our site .

You can opt out of Google Analytics by going to  or by downloading the Google Analytics opt-out  add-on from the web browser by going to / dlpage / gaoptout .

Ways to communicate with us

If you have questions about this Cookie Policy, you can contact us in the following ways:

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