Katie Holmes Revives the Baker Boy Cap

Katie Holmes Revives the Baker Boy Cap

There’s something daunting about wearing a hat. You’re committing to a fashion statement on your head, in the direct eye line of people’s judgmental gazes. Okay, that’s dramatic, but still—it’s just asking for people to look at you! It’s only fitting, however, that a trendsetter like Katie Holmes would be daring enough to start out 2021 wearing one. Yesterday, the actor was spotted running some errands in New York City wearing not any ol’ hat, but a baker boy cap. The retro style looks like a baseball cap, only the top is more puffy and mushroom-like, and dominated in the early 2000s.

Let’s rewind to the Y2K era, shall we? Life was simple and good: Britney Spears was topping the charts, and the pop star was also hitting the red carpet in pink baker boy caps. Fellow superstars like Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera were also rocking the dramatic style with their best bootcut jeans and halter tops. It was the hat to wear in Hollywood. But, like any other fashion craze, the appeal of the baker boy cap fizzled out—until now.


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